School Management Software

School Management Software desktop application for school colleges university academies and tuition centers. School Management Software is installed on your system and runs offline school management software is fully secure for your institute and daily creates an automatically double backup on your system school management software is a user-friendly and secure school ERP application.

Introductory Video

This video contains an introduction and overview of the main features only of school management software. Here we only tried to introduce top-level features without going in-depth, for details please explore and click on read more links. For user convenes we provided videos for each step how to do and how to manage, still if you don’t understand how to manage you are welcome to call our support experts to guide step by step.

Key Features


Student module manages Student registration, admissions, attendance, classes, sections, id cards, and guardian management۔


Users management feature manage school staff and their salaries including principals, teachers, accountants and security guards, etc.


You can manage all expenses easily in expense module, system allow you to create multiple categories and heads to differentiate expenses.



Staff salaries/payroll allow you to manage all type of allowances, salaries, penalties, loans and installments with complete reporting.


It helps you manage monthly and occasional fees collection, fee assignment, arrears, challan, and voucher creation same way security and fine.


All academic operations are managed like classes, sections, periods, class routines, relationship of teacher, class, period and subject.


Attendance for both staff & students can be taken by using this software, manual, bio-metric, and barcode attendance and leaves can be managed.



Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports detailed and summarized reports with attractive multiple report designs are available on a single click.


Printing Student and Staff ID-Cards with multiple design samples are available, it’s a matter of few clicks, and ID Cards for all students are ready.

Result Cards

Headache of preparing result cards is solved, you just need to enter exams result to system rest will be managed by system automatically.


Exams module are managed exam by names, dates and subjects, it’s very easy and fast to find result of a specific student class or a subject.


School SMS Software allows you to quickly and easily send out SMS messages and alerts in order to shorten the distance that separates.

Advantage Of School Management System

The primary advantage of School Management System is the quick access to the details about students like attendance and leave for staff etc. The courses and the details about which course is being attended by which student can be easily found out using School Management System. Another factor that can be viewed quickly is the time table and exam schedules which can be rearranged upon request. racking of all information regarding students, courses, exams, fees time table etc are easy with school management software. Tracking of staff activities, hostel and inventory management is also possible along with library management with School Management System.

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