07Apr, 2022

SMS Service For Schools

SMS Service For Schools

SMS Service For Schools Software Linkers developed an SMS alert system for schools which is one of the most economical methods of sending information to as many recipients: students, teachers, or parents, as quickly as possible. Why Use SMS to Communicate in Your Educational Institution? With the convenience, reach, and open rate of SMS being second to none, you know you can rely on texts to get your message across. Send bulk SMS and communicate with large groups instantaneously, resulting in—a free Download SMS sending app.

SMS Service For Schools
SMS Service For Schools

School Text SMS Templates

  • Text Message Tuition Fee Reminders
  • Text Message Updates for Exam
  • Text Message Updates for Absenteeism
  • Text Message Updates for Any Emergency
  • Text Message Notifications for School Events

Advantages Of Software Linkers SMS App

A lot of schools public and private cut costs every day by sending text messages instead of sending letters or brochures, this is always great for our environment too! A major benefit of SMS Marketing is its potential when integrating it into any of your marketing campaigns.

  • Save Cost, Time, and Energy.
  • Simply with more messages send as easily as you need to.
  • Customization of software can be done as per your requirement.
  • The Communication between Parents and School management becomes more robust and transparent.

Mobile App For SMS

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