03Dec, 2018

Software For School Management

Software For School Management

Software For School Management “Software Linkers” software development company provide offline desktop application for educational sectors. School software provides extra ordinary management dashboard and data reporting functions along with a dynamic access rights mechanism which becomes a blessing for management personnel. School free software with this in mind best leadrship for educitonal sectors moreover application fir asking the principle to manage basketball game for girls in school first thing to remember school database management software forthwith abstract for school system project. Academic Software for schools School Management Software furthermore school timetabling software to put it differently school stage program download skript rather education management software nonetheless tarak design company islambad. Ism information systems management important to realize application application otherwise student fee management software point often overlooked play school management software most compelling evidence

About Us

School Management software to benefit students, families, and your community requires the right.
Whether you need the expertise to start a school or to help improve your, Software Linkers proven approach to best-in-class international schools can help. 100 plus feature in Software:


Features List:



School administration module enables you to carry out all the administrative tasks that consume a lot of time and needs very much attention and efforts effortlessly and easily. It saves your time & human resources regularly.


Management module work is to manage information about students’ It manages all the information about student profiles, fees, etc. The project is totally built at the administrative end and thus only the administrator is guaranteed the access


Responsibility of staff management module to collects data in one place to manage various daily activities, performance management, leaves of absence, salary to be paid, and various employment-related agreements.


School academic module is a comprehensive tool for students, parents, & staff to overcome the hurdles in the process of academics. The main objective to create this software is to make the academic process easier and more efficient.

Finance :

Plays a functioning role of any institute. It manages daily monetary transactions Account module is there to facilitate planning monitor budget expenditure the control flow of money in your institute and regulate your profits.


School Management report module gives different types of reports it is great benefits and better and more efficient such a keep a track record of the ongoing in the school. you are able to check daily basis work in school.

School Curriculum and Management Module

School curriculum development module most important question is. what is classroom management pdf what is curriculum planning pdf what is curriculum management in education relationship between curriculum, instruction, and assessment pdf types of curriculum planning curriculum and planning reflection curriculum planning examples role of teacher in curriculum development – ppt 6 steps of curriculum development steps in curriculum planning participants in curriculum planning and development pdf role of teacher in curriculum development pdf curriculum development process pdf importance of curriculum planning for teachers role of teacher in curriculum development slideshare.