30Mar, 2019

What Is School Management System Software

What Is School Management System Software

What Is School Administration Software?

What Is School Management System Software School administration software helps educational institutions by automating regular administrative tasks. Also known as “student information systems,” these offer a range of functionality for everything from applications to student performance monitoring.

What Is School Management System Software

Common capabilities of this software include:

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Billing and invoicing

Some solutions also offer more advanced functionality, such as:

Integrated learning management systems (LMSs)
Tools for administrators to evaluate teachers
Parent portals for checking students’ attendance and grades
Reporting and analytics capabilities
Library management tools
Point-of-sale (POS) functionality for managing cafeteria and other sales
Fundraising capabilities
Electronic health records (EHR) tools for onsite nurses and clinics
Note that some vendors offer integrated suites of software that feature several of the aforementioned applications, while other vendors offer standalone or “best-of-breed” individual applications. There are several advantages and disadvantages to each approach. In general, fully integrated suites of software will be able to cover most of your bases and you won’t have to worry about integrating certain applications with each other.
However, integrated suites can have fewer features within each of their individual applications, whereas standalone best-of-breed applications tend to be more fully featured. The downside with relying on a mix of best-of-breed applications is that you might have to have certain integrations custom built, which can add to the price tag. That said, one key advantage to relying on best-of-breed applications is that it will give your school more flexibility in the event that one application needs to be upgraded or switched out for something else. With integrated suites, you often have to upgrade or replace the system on a cyclical basis

Top 16 features of best Student Information System or School Management Software

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Let’s look at the top 16 features every Student Information System should provide. Not all applications are the same. So here are the most important features that every Student Information System or School Management System should provide.

1. Cloud Enabled:

Education institutions should now consider performing all activities in the cloud. Having cloud-based Student Information System with no local on-premise footprint of server or software means less time and money spent on IT and more on broader education priorities.

2. Student Behaviour Tracking and Analytics:

Data is useless without any insight and predictive analysis. Student Information System should make the best of all the data entry that happens every day. The best software applications can even predict student behaviors analyzing by tracking critical data of students and the institutions.

3. Campus Recruitment:

Student Information Systems should provide access to companies so they can view and offer projects, internships and graduate jobs to students. Today Classe365 is the only application that offers this feature.

4. Communication & social features:

Student Information System needs to be integrated with robust alerting and communication systems to alert students, parents or teachers on emergencies and key events. Alerts need to be triggered on key events like the student being absent, broadcasting. Today there are also social network features for students and parents to collaborate together.

5. Admission Management:

Why keep bundles of files while all the data can be saved smartly. Instant search makes this data easily accessible. By using student information systems and school software you can manage all this and much more.

6. Account Management:

Only a few student information systems offer true accounting functionality. Tracking institution’s day to day expenses and income, keeping all records of the fee received and the defaulters will make work easier for education institutions. If possible stay away from accounting software that doesn’t talk to a student information system.

7. Laboratory Management:

Manage the Lab inventory using IA. Know exactly about the chemicals, instruments are required and when.

8. Profile Management:

Each student, his/her parents, Teacher, Staff members, and management will have a separate login to access the desired information. So you can know all the things for every single student, his/her parents, Teacher, Staff members.

9. Transport Management:

Manage all the vehicles like bus, cars and transport vehicles that are used for transportation purpose. It can help in route description in association with the particular student, teachers, and staff members.

10. Attendance Management:

Look for the student information system that can manage the day to day attendance of all the students easily. This helps in minimize proxies and paperwork. Some Student Information Systems like Classe365 also sends automated SMS and email alerts when students are absent from classes.

11. Examination Management:

This module will allow you to manage all type of exams like a unit test, half yearly test, and the final examination. It will enable you to announce your results faster via SMS and Email alerts.

12. Hostel Management:

Managing all the information about rooms, goods, a mess was never easier. Now, minimize waste and track all the actions of the hostel.

13. Library management:

Find, Search, Issue and Return books are the basic features of this module. It will generate auto reports for the book condition, likeliness among students, fine collected, etc.

14. Staff Management:

It will help in communication on individual and group basis. Their attendance, Salary, and other expenses can be tracked.

15. Management Reports:

Management needs to informed at all times on every aspect of institution performance. Student Information System needs to have intuitive dashboards that represent key metrics of education institution performance.

16. Alumni Management:

Alumni network of any school is powerful and influential. Schools, colleges and universities need to proactively manage alumni network. This doesn’t have to be complicated. Always select a Student Information System that provides an ability to interact with the Alumni network with features like fundraising, membership programs, inter-alumni social interactions, business exchange, and job boards.
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